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Effective, fast cleaning services for your home or business against Covid-19 in London

About Our London Coronavirus Cleaning Services

If you need effective, fast coronavirus cleaning services that result in microbe-free surfaces, the team at Hillcross Hygiene are here to help. Our multi-step cleaning process gives high-grade results and a measurable improvement in cleanliness. We use advanced cleaning technology to kill germs, viruses, bacteria and other microbial organisms. Safe, environmentally friendly and efficient, Hillcross Hygiene offers a one-stop solution to all your cleaning requirements.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Hillcross Hygiene uses Citrox, a patented combination of natural bioflavonoids and other plant-based ingredients. When applied to a surface, the compound creates “nano spikes” – microscopic spikes that pierce the cell membrane of any bacterial agent, neutralising it quickly and effectively.

Tests show that Citrox can kill SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus microbes in less than a minute.

The advantages of Citrox are numerous. They include:

Used alongside other preventative cleaning measures, Hillcross Hygiene’s services result in a safe, accessible environment for all.

What Viruses are Killed by our Covid Cleaning?

The anti-microbial technology that we use neutralises a wide range of bacteria, viruses and other biological agents, including the SARS CoV-2 virus.

At Hillcross, we work with a variety of organisations that need to be certain that their premises are as germ-free and hygienic as possible. We understand our customers require evidence that their facilities are as safe as possible, which is why we offer a carefully chosen suite of services to ensure every customer gets the hygiene answer they need.

Suitable for almost any Premises and Vehicles in London

Our experienced team has the right equipment and skills to successfully decontaminate almost anything! Some of the sectors that we work with include:

Located in North Kent, we are able to serve customers across the county, into London and beyond.

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Locations we Cover

How does the Covid Cleaning Service Work?

Step 1 - Testing

Testing can be a good way of obtaining a baseline set of data on the degree of hygiene in your environment. In some cases, testing may be all that’s necessary to establish that no further action is needed. In other circumstances, testing may reveal the need for emergency decontamination or scheduled cleaning.

We use Hygiena touch technology to swab areas where high concentrations of microbes are likely. The results of these swabs provide an environmental cleanliness score.

Step 2 - Anti-Microbial Coating Package

The package includes cleaning an area, then applying an antimicrobial coating. The coating neutralises microbes as they land on it, keeping hygiene levels high for up to ninety days. The coating is imperceptible and doesn’t interfere with the everyday use of facilities.

In addition to a total coating package, we also offer a touch-point coating option. This involves applying the anti-microbial coating just to those surfaces that are most commonly touched during use (such as door handles, light switches, taps, and similar).

Step 3 - Emergency Decontamination

Sometimes circumstances arise which require an emergency decontamination response. Our team can decontaminate, clean and apply an anti-microbial coating to premises at short notice if required. This process will leave the area free of microbes, and protected from further contamination for up to ninety days.

Once we have completed our sanitation and coating processes, customers will be issued with appropriate documentation to show that their premises have been cleaned and coated.

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