What is Citrox?

We all know the hustle that comes with sanitizing any surface to prevent contracting the COVID 19 virus and other highly infectious disease. Citrox is just the product you have been waiting for. It is a crucial ingredient of any gargling solution you have seen on supermarket shelves. Most people don’t know what citrox is and how it works.

So, what is it?

In simple terms, citrox is a simple concentration of organic acids and bioflavonoids derived from oranges. The manufacturing process uses bitter unripe oranges and is designed to serve as an antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal solution.

The covid pandemic has led to the high demand for the Citrox agent. Flavanoids found in Citox are responsible for the potency of Citrox—they fully bind with bacteria receptor sites inhibiting biological processes. All bacteria are living and breathing organisms and like any other organism, bacteria need to eat, breathe, reproduce and excrete. The flavonoids bond with bacteria receptors inhibiting feeding processes leading to the death of bacteria.

Citrox is best known for being non-toxic and non-allergenic, unlike other compounds that can cause corrosion and allergies. Citrox does not stain surfaces it comes in contact with, and in addition to this, Citrox has been dermatologically tested and proven to be safe to use. It is eco-friendly and bio-degradable, keeping the environment safe.

Citrox Oranges

When can you use Citrox?

Citrox has now been engineered to work on work surfaces, doors, handles, seats, armrests, and any electrical device. It can be applied in a variety of ways; Citrox can be used as a Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray which can be self-applied, as well as Citrox Surface Wipes which are an easier form of application. There is also a commercial way to apply Citrox in large quantities to cover larger areas, such as hotel lobbies or school classrooms which is by using the Citrox Misting Service offered by Hillcross Hygiene. 

Covid-19 is spread by touching contaminated surfaces so it only makes sense to keep surfaces clean to reduce the transmission of the disease by up to 90%. Hillcross Hygiene is just the company you are looking for to support your surfaces clean. 

Enjoy Professional Sanitization Services

We offer sanitization of any hard surfaces at affordable prices; if you are curious about how we go about applying our organic citrox coating, give us a call. We offer free consultation onsite to explain how it works and take swab tests, all for free. Once everyone is on board, then we sanitize all hard surfaces using Citrox misting Disinfectant.

Rember the swab test? It’s done so we can get a better idea of how to customize citrox to your environment. Using our professional software, we build up a pathogen profile and create agents best suited to your needs. After cleaning, new swabs are done to ensure you have the cleanest surfaces possible. Once this is done, you get your very own certificate of protection from us, showing that your home is a safe place to be.

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